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The Dark Book 2
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A look at the dark book

In The Dark Book you will control a skeleton that for some obscure reason will find itself in a village also inhabited by the undead.
Talking to the various characters you will discover that all this is caused by the magic of a book, called by all the dark book that has the power to bring the dead back to life.
Our task? Recover it.
Thus begins the search for the dark book by our protagonist who will have to explore the lands of Morghoth among lands littered with enemies, dungeons and caves infested with demons and many other areas.

About the dev


Michele Salvatore Bunetto

Passionate about video games from an early age together with the passion to create, he learned programming at an early age by initially creating small games until he reached an experience that could create an entire rpg.

outside her video game passion, he works as a programmer of course


© Michele Salvatore Bunetto


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